What are DocuWare make templates (formerly integromat)?

make.com is a powerful No-Code or Low-Code platform. It enables you to graphically construct, build, and automate workflows, with only your imagination serving as a restriction.

DocuWare integrates also with make.com and thus enables all DocuWare Cloud customers to connect their DocuWare system with more than 1000 apps.

All the DocuWare make templates listed below will boost your productivity?

Share & Sync Documents from DocuWare to OneDrive – EFFORTLESS!

Share & Sync documents from DocuWare to OneDrive EFFORTLESS

Collaborate with externals on documents

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Time-limited document share for OneDrive – The missing link for Project Management

DocuWare sharing documents for period of time with external

Automatically create EXPIRING document shares in OneDrive.

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DocuWare Pre-Storage Validation – FREE

DocuWare Validation - Without programming

Check eg. invoices for correct data BEFORE storing it to DocuWare without programming or coding!
No DocuWare Workflow required.

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No Touch Storage – Intelligent Indexing documents

Automated storage of already correctly indexed documents (“green” 🟩) into the file cabinet.

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