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“Ahmet is truly an expert on DocuWare and Make, he helped me a lot with the great duo: DocuWare + Make . I recommend following him and AVANTGARDE SOFTWARE LTD.”
M. V. via LinkedIn, DocuWare Partner
“AVANTGARDE SOFTWARE helped us to digitalize a few projects using DocuWare… Will definitely recommend the service to anyone looking to digitalize forms or automate the approval process.”
Vasan Velayutham, Carebase Ltd

“This is really impressive, Ahmet! And sounds super useful!”

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“Genuine quality.”

B. G. via LinkedIn, DocuWare Partner
“Thanks Ahmet! this is very clear, DocuWare partners will highly appreciate, very good job!”
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“This is incredible Ahmet, huge fan!”

M. V. via LinkedIn, DocuWare Partner
Ready to Unlock the Full Potential of DocuWare and Make for Your Business?

AVANTGARDE SOFTWARE, founded by a seasoned DocuWare professional with 12+ years of experience in development and product management, specializes in creating solutions that enhance and simplify your DocuWare and Make experience.

Our founder’s extensive background and in-depth expertise in both platforms make AVANTGARDE SOFTWARE the ideal partner for businesses seeking to unlock their full potential.

DocuWare and Make Solutions

Solutions and Benefits:

Exclusive DocuWare-Make Masterclass.

Join our comprehensive 3-hour Masterclass, specifically designed for DocuWare Sales Partners and Consultants. Learn how to build and sell customized solutions, tailored to your clients’ needs, and see an immediate ROI.

DocuWare Make Masterclass
Ready to Unlock the Full Potential of DocuWare and Make for Your Business?

Make custom apps for DocuWare.

Take advantage of our expertise in creating custom Make apps for DocuWare, addressing unique business requirements and streamlining complex processes. Trust in our proven track record of delivering cutting-edge applications that drive results.

No Touch – Automatic Storage 🟩 DocuWare Intelligent Indexing documents

Automatic Storage for Intelligent Indexing (Intellix)

Maximize efficiency and streamline your document indexing process. Our custom Make app seamlessly integrates with DocuWare’s Intelligent Indexing, automatically storing 🟩classified documents.

Eliminate manual tasks and save valuable time. Designed to enhance your document management experience.

Stamper for DocuWare – Bates Numbering made EASY

The ultimate solution for legal document management in DocuWare. Our custom Make app simplifies the Bates numbering process by automatically applying continuous numbering on every page of your documents.

Customize your Bates stamp with prefixes, suffixes, or even DocuWare index fields. Enhance your legal document management.

Ready to Unlock the Full Potential of DocuWare and Make for Your Business?

Innovative Make Scenarios and Make Templates.

Leverage our pre-built scenarios and templates, created to address common business challenges, and harness the power of DocuWare and Make. Save time, cut costs, and boost efficiency with our easy-to-implement solutions.

DocuWare Pre-Storage Validation – FREE

DocuWare Validation - Without programming

Check invoices and other all other document types for correct data BEFORE storing it to DocuWare without programming or coding!

Share & Sync Documents from DocuWare to OneDrive

Share & Sync documents from DocuWare to OneDrive EFFORTLESS

Improve your efficiency & profitability by enabling AUTOMATIC, EXPIRING shareable documents. Collaborate with externals on documents.

Time-limited document share for OneDrive

DocuWare sharing documents for period of time with external

The missing link for Project & Contract Management. Automatically create EXPIRING document shares in OneDrive.

Maximize efficiency, streamline processes, and grow your business with innovative, custom-built integrations.

Schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with our expert team. Together, we’ll explore how AVANTGARDE SOFTWARE’s tailor-made solutions can revolutionize your business processes and drive growth.

What are DocuWare Make templates (formerly integromat)?

Make.com is a powerful No-Code / Low-Code platform. It enables you to graphically construct, build, and automate workflows, with only your imagination serving as a restriction.

DocuWare integrates also with make.com and thus enables all DocuWare Cloud customers to connect their DocuWare system with more than 1000 apps.

All the DocuWare make templates listed below will boost your productivity.

Unlock the Power of DocuWare and Make.

Our Promise

AVANTGARDE SOFTWARE delivers top-notch, tailored solutions to maximize the benefits of DocuWare and Make integration for your business.

What sets us apart

Our unique combination of in-depth DocuWare and Make expertise, along with hands-on experience, enables us to provide unparalleled insights and strategies to meet your specific needs.

How we help you succeed

Leveraging our deep understanding of DocuWare and Make, we guide you in creating effective solutions, building powerful automations, and integrating your systems for a seamless and scalable experience tailored to your business needs.

Why our offer is perfect for you

Our comprehensive Masterclass and custom apps empower you with the knowledge, tools, and support to optimize your DocuWare system, streamline workflows, and drive growth.

Delivering DocuWare Expertise