Build your own DocuWare Validation simply by Drag & Drop. Without coding or programming.

This ULTIMATE template evaluates index metadata BEFORE a document is being stored in to file cabinet.

Check existing documents for duplicates in DocuWare
Validate mandatory fields before storing to File Cabinet
Dynamically validate index entries

The ALL-INCLUSIVE DocuWare Validation template comes already with 4 validations!

  • 1. Validates if document type “Invoice” has values for Amount, Company, Date and Document Number provided.
  • 2. Validates if document type “Quote” has a value for Project provided

  • 3. Validates if provided “Due Date” is in the future

  • 4. Validates if similar document is already stored in DocuWare

See the DocuWare Validation template in action!

How does it work?

Check documents BEFORE storing them to DocuWare.
Easy as 1-2-3!

The ULTIMATE template for validating document index metadata.

This will save you a fortune in time and costs!

  • DocuWare Validation without programming or coding

  • Index meta data is validated BEFORE storing to file cabinet
  • Connect to 1000+ apps for lookup (ERP, CRM, Office…)
  • Avoid duplicate documents
  • Guarantees correct index meta data
  • Creating validations by drag & drop
  • Fully customizable to your needs

  • No extra DocuWare license required

  • Ultra fast setup in 5 minutes

  • Works out-of-the-box

DocuWare internal tools

  • Requires writing code for DocuWare Validation
  • Requires hosting of validation

  • Requires a programmer to write code
  • Alternatively: Use DocuWare Workflow

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