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What others think about our solutions for make (Integromat).

Ahmet is truly an expert on DocuWare and Make, he helped me a lot with the great duo: DocuWare + Make . I recommend following him and AVANTGARDE SOFTWARE LTD.
M. V. via LinkedIn, DocuWare Partner
AVANTGARDE SOFTWARE helped us to digitalize a few projects using DocuWare… Will definitely recommend the service to anyone looking to digitalize forms or automate the approval process.
Vasan Velayutham, Carebase Ltd
This is really impressive, Ahmet! And sounds super useful!
DocuWare LogoDocuWare via LinkedIn, DocuWare
Genuine quality.
B. G. via LinkedIn, DocuWare Partner
Thanks Ahmet! this is very clear, DocuWare partners will highly appreciate, very good job!
DocuWare LogoR. A. via LinkedIn, DocuWare
This is incredible Ahmet, huge fan!
M. V. via LinkedIn, DocuWare Partner

Learn Expert Strategies for DocuWare and Make (formerly Integromat)

Discover the variety of scenarios, templates, and custom integrations developed by an industry professional.

After the Masterclass:

  • You’re able to build your own solutions for DocuWare with Make.

  • You have a deep understanding of the DocuWare connector in Make.

  • You know how to monetize your solution.

  • You know which aspects are important to keep the number of operations low in Make to save money.

  • You know how to call any API even when there is no app in Make for it.

Unlock The Masterclass Instantly

399Per Seat
  • 3 Short Hours
  • 8 Actionable Lessons
  • 5 Ready-To-Import Make Blueprints


  • Teach a whole team to be Make experts! Request special deal now!

Discover the variety of scenarios, templates, and custom integrations developed by an industry professional.

Are you struggling to build effective Make workflows and connect DocuWare to other apps?

Don’t waste your time or money on generic Make courses that ignore DocuWare.
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What’s inside?

01 – Getting Started

  • Introduction to the Masterclass & Make Basics
  • Understand what Make is and its important user interface elements
  • Differences between Make Templates and Scenarios

02 – DocuWare Triggers & Touchpoints

  • Learn about all possible triggers including Webhooks and Webservices, DocuWare Validation, sending emails, and Make’s own triggers
  • Discover how to create webhooks and web services in DocuWare and use them in Make scenarios
  • Learn how to use the DocuWare Validation service to validate index entries before storage
  • Understand how to use Make Mailhooks and Make Triggers to schedule and automate tasks
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03 – In-depth look at the DocuWare Connector

  • Learn how to retrieve all File Cabinets, search for documents, and retrieve index data
  • Discover how to download documents, upload files to DocuWare, and update index fields
  • Learn how to transfer, append, and replace documents and delete documents and sections
  • Create filled-out Word files and templates from DocuWare
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04 – Built-in Make modules

  • Learn how to use the HTTP module to call any API
  • Understand how to use the CSV module to import data into DocuWare Table Fields
  • Learn about the Iterator and Aggregator modules and how to use them with the DocuWare App
  • Discover how to export data to Excel and bundle multiple documents into a ZIP archive

05 – Hands-On & Monetization Strategies

  • Learn how to monitor, optimize, and reduce Make consumption
  • Discover ALL ways of monetizing your solutions

BONUS – Free Make Scenarios

  • 5 Make scenarios you can instantly use for your daily business or selling
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The FULL Masterclass Curriculum:

This course isn’t just for tech-savvy individuals, it’s tailored for everyone with easy-to-understand language.

3-Hours Video-Course

  • Masterclass Intro (2 Min.)
  • Content of Masterclass (1 Min.)
  • Make Basics (14 Min.)
    • What is Make?
    • Essential Make UI elements explained
    • All other Make user interface elements
  • DocuWare triggers and touchpoints (1 Min.)
    • Explaining all possible triggers:
    • Webhooks & Webservice
    • DocuWare Validation
    • Sending emails
    • Triggers offered by Make
  • Webhooks & Webservices – Triggers from DocuWare (8 Min.)
    • How to create the initial webhook in Make that’s used in DocuWare.
    • How to create webhooks / web services in DocuWare Configuration.
    • What’s the Request Body in DocuWare.
    • An example scenario in Make for receiving Webhook.
  • DocuWare Validation service (22 Min.)
    • How to create a Validation Service in DocuWare.
    • How to create the counterpart (Webhook) in Make.
    • Configuring DocuWare to use the Validation Service in File Cabinets.
    • Sample Use-Case: Validate index entries before storage to DocuWare
    • How to use the Validation Service on updating index entries.
  • Make Mailhooks (13 Min.)
    • Sample Use-Case: Share documents from DocuWare with externals via OneDrive
    • Sending emails from the WebClient result list
    • Using DocuWare Notifications to send emails
  • Make Triggers (7 Min.)
    • Scheduled & Repeating Triggers
    • Recurring Triggers
    • NEW: On-demand Trigger (READY TO USE BLUEPRINT)
    • App-based Triggers eg. Watch Dropbox folder and upload to DocuWare (READY TO USE BLUEPRINT)
  • The DocuWare connector in detail (48 Min.)
    • Retrieving all File Cabinets
    • Search for Document and retrieve all index data (including tables & keyword fields)
    • Search with wildcard & stamp a document
    • Convert index field array to simple flat index fields
    • Retrieving table fields of a document (using flat index fields) and adding to Microsoft Excel 365
    • “Download a Document” vs. “Download a File”
    • “Download a Document” to OneDrive or any other cloud storage (clipped document is unzipped)
    • “Download a File” to copy the last page of the document to OneDrive
    • Search files in OneDrive (SharePoint or other cloud drives) and upload them to DocuWare
    • Create to DocuWare Data Records from Make (eg. to start your DocuWare Workflow)
    • Updating index fields in DocuWare (eg. Adding EUR amount via Currency Exchange)
    • “Transfer a Document”: Moving documents inside DocuWare (eg. Tray to FC / FC to FC)
    • “Append a File”: Add files from OneDrive to a document in DocuWare as a section
    • “Replace a File”: Replacing an existing section of a document from OneDrive
    • Deleting a single section of a document
    • Deleting the whole document
  • Built-In Make modules (25 Min.)
    • HTTP Module to call any API
    • CSV Module to import into DocuWare Table Fields (WITH READY TO IMPORT BLUEPRINT)
    • Iterator & Aggregator explained – How to use with the DocuWare App
    • Exporting DocuWare Table Fields to Microsoft 365 Excel using the Iterator (WITH READY TO IMPORT BLUEPRINT)
    • Bundle multiple DocuWare documents to a ZIP archive and upload to OneDrive (WITH READY TO IMPORT BLUEPRINT)
    • Data Store module explained. Data store use cases.
  • Hands-On (16 Min.)
    • Monitor & Optimize Make consumption
    • Optimize Make consumption from DocuWare
    • Create filled-out Word files/templates from DocuWare (WITH READY TO IMPORT BLUEPRINT)
  • Monetization Strategies (7 Min.)
    • Pros / Cons of ALL monetization strategies
  • Closing Words (1 Min.)
    • Community & Further Links
    • Use inline help of Make (available on every module)
  • Survey

INCLUDED Make Blueprints (Ready To Import)

  • DocuWare App (Deep Dive) – Blueprint

  • Dropbox Watch Files Trigger – Blueprint

  • Export DocuWare Table Fields to Microsoft 365 Excel – Blueprint
  • Fill Word Template from DocuWare – Blueprint
  • Import CSV into DocuWare Table Fields – Blueprint
  • ZIP multiple DocuWare documents to an archive and upload to OneDrive – Blueprint

Don’t let your competitors get ahead of you – invest in yourself and your career with the DocuWare Make Masterclass.

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