Seamlessly Integrate DocuWare with Outlook Calendar – Stay Ahead, Stay Organized!

Outlook SchedulePro, the ultimate plugin for DocuWare, transforms how your organization handles time and tasks.

Say goodbye to missed deadlines and overlooked commitments. Embrace the power of automated, customizable calendar events right within your Outlook!

DocuWare Outlook calendar plugin

Enter Outlook SchedulePro

A game-changing addon for DocuWare that seamlessly integrates with your Outlook Calendar.

Here’s how it transforms your scheduling nightmares into a dream:

Here’s how it transforms your scheduling nightmares into a dream:

  • Automated Event Creation: From contract renewals to license expirations, create Outlook events automatically for any scenario.

  • Customizable Details: Tailor every event detail – subject, content, location, and more – to fit your organizational needs.

  • Advance Alerts: Set early reminders for weeks or months ahead, ensuring you’re always prepared

  • Out-of-Office Integration: Automatically activate custom out-of-office messages during specific events.

  • Cross-Organization Access: “Schedule events in any employee’s calendar with just one Office365 admin approval.

What Sets Outlook SchedulePro Apart?

Outlook SchedulePro stands out with its seamless integration into DocuWare, requiring just a single Office365 admin approval for organization-wide access.

Unlike other addons, we ensure that your entire team can benefit without the hassle of individual permissions.

See Outlook SchedulePro in Action!

Transforming Organizations with Practical Use-Cases

Experience Unmatched Efficiency & Integration.

Leave Conventional Limitations!

  • Seamless integration with your daily Outlook use.

  • Tailored alerts for relevant, actionable reminders.

  • Set long-term reminders for crucial deadlines.

  • Stay updated anywhere with smartphone compatibility.

  • Simple setup with single admin approval.

  • Effortless integration with DocuWare systems.

  • Automatically set custom out-of-office replies.

  • Facilitates seamless interdepartmental scheduling and reminders.

  • Intuitive design for easy event creation.

Limitations of Conventional Tools
  • Important notifications often missed or ignored.

  • Fails to provide proactive, advanced notifications.

  • Limited options for personalizing notification settings.

  • Lacks integration with essential daily tools.

  • Generic alerts with minimal customization options.

  • Focused on immediate tasks, ignores long-term planning

  • Restricted mobile accessibility hinders on-the-go updates.

  • Tedious, individual permissions required for setup.

  • Poor integration with document management systems.

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