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Ahmet Taş Founder of AVANTGARDE SOFTWARE was directly employed by DocuWare between 2011 and 2018. During this time, he directly contributed to the development of DocuWare as a software developer, director, and product manager.


In 2018, AVANTGARDE SOFTWARE was established in Turkey to become the leading provider of Electronic Document Management (EDM) and Business Process Management (BPM), powered by DocuWare.


Based on expertise and knowledge, AVANTGARDE SOFTWARE can be considered the most experienced DocuWare Cloud Partner not just in Turkey.

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We integrate DocuWare in your organization or expand your existing DocuWare system. Please contact us if you require DocuWare consultation or an expert opinion.


DocuWare is designed to interact with your existing IT infrastructure. With make.com (formerly Integromat) you can connect with 1000+ apps. We’ll show you how.

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Professional Firms

Blockchain, AI or Industry 4.0 are already hot topics today. Don’t miss out on the digital transformation and digitize your processes with DocuWare today.

What do companies do without DocuWare document management system?

  • Documents are kept in shared folders, mailboxes, on the desktop.

  • Dropbox, Onedrive, Google Drive is used for sharing documents.

  • Network folders are used to archive documents.

  • Business documents and knowledge are distributed due to lack of indexing.

  • Business critical documents can be viewed by anyone.

  • Documents and files are accidentally deleted.

  • Documents and files are irretrievably lost due to hardware damage.

  • Documents and files are exposed to natural disasters and external impacts.

  • Different channels are used (eg. Microsoft Teams, Slack, WhatsApp).

  • Approver and criteria for approval is unclear.

  • Unclear who approved when through which channel, or on whom the approval is hanging

  • Questionable if action date will be kept.

  • Uncertainty of who has the most recent version of a document.

  • Location or path of a document or file is uncertain.

  • Last editor and editing history of a document is unclear.

  • Searching and finding a document takes a lot of time.

DocuWare - What you can do

Put an end to paper and file chaos.

Manage business documents securely, find them quickly and use them intelligently. Anytime, anywhere.

DocuWare document management and workflow automation.

DocuWare enables efficiency, productivity and effectiveness by capturing, processing and using business information.

DocuWare - How it works

Quick, easy capture –
all sources and formats


Automatically index and process your business workflows.


Super fast, simple searches, versatile features and useful tools


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