Effortless Efficiency

With our custom Make app, you can automatically store all your green 🟩 Intelligent Indexing documents without any manual intervention. It’s time to streamline your processes and embrace the future of document management.

Maximized Productivity

Free up time spent on tedious tasks, let our app handle the storage of your green 🟩 Intelligent Indexing documents. Now you can focus on what truly matters, growing your business.

Guaranteed Consistency

Say goodbye to the risk of human error. Our custom Make app ensures that your green 🟩 Intelligent Indexing documents are consistently and accurately stored, leading to smoother workflows and heightened data integrity.

What others think about our solutions for Make (formerly Integromat)

Ahmet is truly an expert on DocuWare and Make, he helped me a lot with the great duo: DocuWare + Make . I recommend following him and AVANTGARDE SOFTWARE LTD.

M. V. via LinkedIn, DocuWare Partner

AVANTGARDE SOFTWARE helped us to digitalize a few projects using DocuWare… Will definitely recommend the service to anyone looking to digitalize forms or automate the approval process.

Vasan Velayutham, Carebase Ltd

This is really impressive, Ahmet! And sounds super useful!

DocuWare LogoDocuWare via LinkedIn, DocuWare

Genuine quality.

B. G. via LinkedIn, DocuWare Partner

Thanks Ahmet! this is very clear, DocuWare partners will highly appreciate, very good job!

DocuWare LogoR. A. via LinkedIn, DocuWare

This is incredible Ahmet, huge fan!

M. V. via LinkedIn, DocuWare Partner

Start Your No-Touch Storage Journey

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0per month
  • Store 25 documents
  • Check for 🟩 documents
  • FREE Forever
  • Maintenance & Updates included


70per month
  • Store 1.000 documents
  • Check for 🟩 documents
  • FREE 30 days trial
  • Maintenance & Updates included


300per month
  • Store 5.000 documents
  • Check for 🟩 documents
  • FREE 30 days trial
  • Maintenance & Updates included
  • Basic Support


550per month
  • Store 25.000 documents
  • Check for 🟩 documents
  • FREE 30 days trial
  • Maintenance & Updates included
  • Priority Support

* Standard fees for Make applies additionally. No matter how many documents are stored -> It’s always 1 Make operation
Storing 100 documents requires only 2 Make operations

Ever experienced the disappointment of training your Intelligent Indexing to perfection, yet still getting delayed with manual document storage?

Unlock Hassle-Free Document Management: Let Automation Handle Your Storage Needs


What is this?

An app for ‘Make‘ (aka Integromat). The official DocuWare integration for Make is not required.

How does it work?

It takes all the documents from the document tray, which are already 100% correctly indexed (🟩) via Intelligent Indexing, and stores them automatically.

  • If Intelligent Indexing is 100% accurate & confident
  • Why we cannot store documents automatically

How does it benefit me?

  • Save more time for the processing of documents.
  • No any manual interaction. By no one!
  • Faster processing of invoices.
  • No more waiting for accounting to store invoices.

Are there any side effects?

Be aware, that a 🟩 document means that Intelligent Indexing is very confident, that all recommendations are correct. Nevertheless, 100% accuracy can not be guaranteed and always depends on the document itself and the indexed documents so far.


This app uses the DocuWare API to retrieve and store documents. The API returns only 100 documents at a maximum on each run.

However, this is not an issue. Because at the next run, it will retrieve the leftover documents.

Do I need to pay extra for the operations in Make?

Yes and No. Every Make user has 1000 FREE operations per month. This app consumes 2 Make operations per run. You can store around 17.600 documents* if you set up a schedule to run only:

  • During business hours
  • On weekdays only
  • Interval of 1 hour

* Requires the Enterprise plan of this Make app

AVANTGARDE SOFTWARE, founded by a seasoned DocuWare professional with 12+ years of experience in development and product management, specializes in creating solutions that enhance and simplify your DocuWare and Make experience.


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