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Carebase Transforms Their Kitchen Reports with DocuWare and Make

In the world of healthcare, efficiency and organization are of utmost importance. Carebase, a leading operator of retirement and nursing homes in the UK, knows this all too well. With 15 facilities under their belt, they were seeking ways to improve their daily kitchen reports, streamline processes, and enhance overall performance. Thanks to DocuWare and Make, they achieved all of this and more! 😃🙌

In this blog post, we’ll dive into the captivating story of Carebase’s journey and how they utilized DocuWare and Make to take their kitchen reports to new heights. So, buckle up, and get ready to be inspired!

The Problem: Inefficient Paper-Based Kitchen Reports 📝😩

Carebase’s kitchens were bogged down with cumbersome paper-based reports. Every day, kitchen chefs had to record vital information, such as fridge and freezer temperatures, cleaning tasks, hot food monitoring, and food delivery records. As you can imagine, this process was not only time-consuming but also prone to errors and inconsistencies. Moreover, the manual nature of these reports made it difficult for managers to access and analyze the data efficiently. Carebase knew they needed a digital solution to bring their kitchen reports into the modern age and enhance their overall operations. Enter DocuWare and Make!

The Solution: Digitizing Kitchen Reports with DocuWare and Make 🌐🤝

Carebase teamed up with AVANTGARDE SOFTWARE to implement DocuWare. With DocuWare, Carebase was able to digitize their daily kitchen reports, allowing chefs to simply open a custom-designed DocuWare Form and submit their records. This not only streamlined the reporting process but also ensured that records were kept secure, safe, and compliant.

But the real magic happened when they integrated DocuWare with Make, a visual workflow builder that connects thousands of apps. Make enabled Carebase to automate their weekly reporting process, collecting and summarizing the data from daily kitchen form submissions into a Word template. And with Power Automate in the mix, they could generate detailed and customized weekly reports effortlessly. 📈🎉

The Results: A Phenomenal Transformation 🏆✨

The integration of DocuWare and Make revolutionized Carebase’s kitchen reporting process. With automated weekly reports generated every Monday morning, managers no longer needed to manually compile and analyze data, resulting in immense time savings and increased efficiency. This allowed Carebase to focus their resources on improving the quality of their services and growing their business.

Additionally, the seamless connection between DocuWare, Make, and Power Automate ensured the highest level of compliance security through audit-proof and digital archiving of all confidential documents. This peace of mind was invaluable to Carebase and allowed them to navigate the increasing documentation requirements without hiring additional administrative staff.

The success of Carebase’s integration of DocuWare and Make even led to the creation of the first-ever case study highlighting the use of Make + Power Automate, showcasing the power of these tools in transforming their processes.

Key Takeaways for DocuWare Sales Partners 🎯🚀

Carebase’s story offers valuable insights and inspiration for other DocuWare sales partners. By leveraging the power of DocuWare and Make, you too can help your clients:


  1. Digitize and streamline complex processes 🌐💼
  2. Improve efficiency and save time ⏰📊
  3. Ensure compliance security 🔒🛡️
  4. Optimize resources and focus on growth 🌱🏆

So, why wait? Explore the world of DocuWare and Make, and witness the incredible impact they can have on your clients’ operations. The future of efficient, digital processes is here, and it’s time to embrace it!

Wrapping Up: A Success Story to Inspire

Carebase’s transformation is a testament to the incredible potential of DocuWare and Make in revolutionizing processes and achieving remarkable efficiency. By digitizing kitchen reports and automating weekly reporting, Carebase not only improved its operations but also set a shining example for other businesses in the healthcare industry.

Read the original case study here. DocuWare conducted the case study.

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