Client Introduction:

Mazda Austria GmbH, a leading entity in the automotive industry, embarked on a journey to revolutionize their operational efficiency. Facing challenges in their document management processes, Mazda sought a solution to optimize workflow efficiency and enhance productivity.


Before embracing Adobe Sign with Avantgarde Software, Mazda Austria grappled with inefficiencies in their existing document management system. The rigidity of the previous solution hindered the company’s ability to adapt to changing requirements, resulting in delays and frustration among employees. Mazda recognized the pressing need for a modernized approach to streamline their operations.


Prior to seeking a solution, Mazda Austria faced significant challenges with their existing document management system. The limitations of their previous solution, particularly with Adobe Sign, hindered their ability to add signatures and accommodate individual signatories. This resulted in inefficiencies and dissatisfaction among users, who found the system inadequate for their needs.

According to Mazda Austria, “With Adobe Sign we had the problem that we were not satisfied with the solution that was implemented before. This was partly due to the fact that it was not possible to add signatures. But also, that you couldn’t have individual signers. So, you couldn’t have 10 signatories or 100 signatories, that was always a problem, you always had fixed positions. Those were crucial points. Part of the issue was that people didn’t want to use it because it didn’t work the way they wanted it to. It wasn’t suitable enough; I think those were definitely the main issues.”


Upon recognizing the need for a more effective solution, Mazda Austria embarked on a search for a partner capable of addressing their requirements. After thorough research, they discovered Avantgarde Software and quickly recognized the potential of their solution.

In the words of Mazda Austria, “We have seen that it works with the solution from Avantgarde Software, and that was actually the key point for us. That it simply works the way we want it to.”

Avantgarde Software swiftly implemented a customized solution for Mazda Austria, integrating Adobe Sign with their existing DocuWare platform. This allowed Mazda Austria to send contracts directly from DocuWare to Adobe Sign, facilitating seamless electronic signature workflows.

Mazda Austria expressed their satisfaction with the implementation process, stating, “Yes, it was actually done quite quickly for us… For us, it was simply an integration that took a few hours and was actually implemented quite quickly.”


The implementation of the Adobe Sign solution yielded tangible results for Mazda Austria. Efficiency levels soared as document workflows were streamlined and manual tasks were automated. With the ability to add multiple signatories and customize signature positions, Mazda Austria experienced a significant improvement in user satisfaction.

Furthermore, the integration simplified the document upload process and eliminated the need for manual intervention, leading to a more efficient and error-free workflow. Mazda Austria noted, “Efficiency has increased… because you don’t have to do anything anymore. Just upload the document and select the signer.”


In conclusion, Mazda Austria’s partnership with Avantgarde Software revolutionized their document management processes, driving efficiency and enhancing user satisfaction. The seamless integration of Adobe Sign with DocuWare transformed their workflows, enabling them to optimize time and resources effectively.

Reflecting on their experience, Mazda Austria expressed their confidence in recommending Avantgarde Software to others in need of similar solutions. They praised the team’s responsiveness, expertise, and commitment to client satisfaction, affirming the value of their partnership.

As Mazda Austria continues to leverage the benefits of their enhanced document management system, they remain poised to adapt to future challenges and further optimize their operations. With Avantgarde Software by their side, they are well-equipped to navigate the evolving landscape of the automotive industry with confidence and efficiency.

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