DocuWare Bates Numbering

Legal firms across the globe rely on Bates numbering to manage and track their documents efficiently. In this post, we’ll explore the importance of Bates numbering for DocuWare users in the legal industry and introduce you to the game-changing Stamper for DocuWare app. We’ll discuss how you can try out the app and partner with AVANTGARDE SOFTWARE to earn affiliate commissions on each sale.

The Importance of Bates Numbering for DocuWare Prospects and Customers in the Legal Industry

Bates numbering is a widely-used method of labeling and tracking legal documents as they move through the legal process. The practice is particularly prevalent in the United States and other countries where the legal system requires documents to be uniquely identified, organized, and tracked.

There are several reasons why legal firms use Bates numbering:

Document Identification

Bates numbering provides a unique identifier for each page of a document, allowing for easy identification and tracking.

Legal Compliance

Many legal proceedings, such as discovery in civil litigation, require documents to be numbered and identified for tracking purposes. Bates numbering ensures that legal documents are properly identified and can be used as evidence in court.

Document Organization

Bates numbering can help organize large volumes of documents, making it easier for legal teams to manage and search through them

Document Authenticity

Bates numbering helps ensure the authenticity of legal documents, as each page is uniquely labeled with a specific identifier. This can help prevent tampering or alteration of the document.

Document Production

In some cases, legal documents need to be produced to opposing counsel or to the court in a specific order or format. Bates numbering helps ensure that documents are produced in the correct order and can be easily referenced.

As a result, Bates numbering is an essential practice for legal professionals, particularly those who work with DocuWare.

Introducing the Stamper for DocuWare App

The Stamper for DocuWare app revolutionizes the Bates numbering process by automating it, saving you time and effort. Here are some key features of the Stamper app:

  • Automatically numbers every page
  • Customizable prefix and suffix
  • Use index values from DocuWare
  • Works on all documents in DocuWare
  • Select your preferred stamp location
  • Continuous auto numbering
  • Add DocuWare Doc ID to the stamp

By using the Stamper app, you can quickly and easily apply Bates numbering to your legal documents in DocuWare, ensuring consistency and accuracy throughout your document management process.

See the Stamper App in Action

To further demonstrate the power and convenience of the Stamper for DocuWare app, check out our YouTube video, where you’ll see a step-by-step walkthrough of how the app works and how it can streamline your Bates numbering process in DocuWare.

Trying Out the Stamper App and Partnering with us

We invite you to try out the Stamper for DocuWare app and discover its potential to revolutionize your legal document management.

Once you’ve experienced the benefits of the Stamper app, you can partner with us and earn affiliate commissions on each sale.

By joining forces, you’ll help spread the word about this innovative solution and contribute to transforming the way legal professionals manage their documents.

To partner with us, simply fill out the contact form and we’ll get in touch with you to discuss the details of our partnership program.

Why DocuWare Sales Partners and Customers Should Use Stamper

For DocuWare sales partners and customers, the Stamper app offers a range of benefits that make it an essential tool for legal document management:

Simplified Document Management

The Stamper app simplifies the process of applying Bates numbering to your documents, making it faster and more efficient. With its user-friendly interface and seamless integration with DocuWare, you can easily manage and track your legal documents.

Enhanced Productivity

By automating the Bates numbering process, the Stamper app reduces the time and effort spent on manual annotation. This means that you can focus on more important tasks and increase your overall productivity.

Improved Accuracy

Manual Bates numbering can be prone to human error, resulting in inconsistencies and inaccuracies in your documents. With the Stamper app, you can ensure that your Bates numbering is accurate and consistent across all your legal documents.

Increased Compliance

The Stamper app helps you maintain compliance with legal requirements for document numbering and tracking. By automating the process, you can ensure that your documents are always correctly labeled and organized, reducing the risk of non-compliance.

Strengthened Document Authenticity

With the Stamper app, you can add DocuWare Doc IDs to your stamps, creating a reference to the original document in DocuWare. This strengthens the authenticity of your documents and ensures that they can be easily traced back to their source.

Embrace the Future of Legal Document Management

The Stamper for DocuWare app and partnership offer an incredible opportunity to revolutionize the way you manage your legal documents. By automating the Bates numbering process and streamlining your document management, you can increase your productivity, improve your document organization, and ensure compliance with legal requirements.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to embrace the future of legal document management. Contact us to learn more about our partnership program. Together, we can transform the world of legal document management and help legal professionals achieve greater efficiency and success in their work.

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